Click map

Click map allows you to record the number of clicks on certain links, identify the most clickable elements and evaluate the location of elements in the layout of the email.

  • The click map does not display statistics on links used in dynamic content or displayed using dynamic content methods, clicks on “mailto” and “tel” links, as well as clicks made in the mobile version of the email
  • If you edit the layout or UTM tags of a message that already has a click map and statistics, after the change the map will be displayed only for the new version of the message, while the numerical statistics will be preserved.

Viewing the click map

To open the click map, go to the message details.

On the click map, coloured spots highlight all the links in the email. The warmer the colour, the more clicks were made on the link. The most clickable links are highlighted in red, the least clickable in blue (you can refer to the legend on the right).

When you hover over a link, the clickable element itself is highlighted (text, button, image, etc.) and the details of the link - the number and percentage of clicks and unique clicks on it - are displayed.

You can download the click map as an image by clicking on the corresponding button.

Viewing clicked users

You can click on any link and see the list of contacts who clicked on it. On the right below the legend, select what you want to display - clicks or unique clicks. Depending on your choice, the list of contacts and the number of clicks on the map itself will change.

The list of those who clicked on the link can be uploaded. The map itself can be opened full screen (button in the upper right corner).

Last modified: 2023.12.13 10:39 by Anastasia Aniskova