To set up Exponea and enKod integration, you need to:

1. Ask your Exponea manager for the domain and URL to send delivery statuses and delivery errors.

The most commonly used address format is: https://api-cis.exponea.com/

The following may be used instead https://api.exponea.com

Either its own format, for example: api.domain.ru

You can check the base URL in Exponea project settings: project settingsAccess ManagementAPI

2. In the Exponea interface, click the tab DATA & ASSETESIntegrations

3. Select Mailgun integration

4. Fill in the input fields according to the screenshot

  • Domain - sender's domain
  • Schert API key - enKod account API key for Exponea integration (get it from your account manager).
  • Custom email service provider - https://api.enkod.ru/mailgun
  • Change the name of the integration as desired

5. Save changes

6. To activate the integration, inform your account manager or enKod developer that the integration has been created.

7. To use enKod as a message sender when creating/editing a standard or script email, select Mailgun (or another name if it was specified when creating the integration) in the appropriate section.

Last modified: 2023.12.13 10:36 by Anastasia Aniskova